​​​​​​​Transparency International is an NGO that works against corruption worldwide. 

The organization aims to create more transparency and integrity at all levels of public life. 
On this project, I worked as Creative Director, Lead Motion Designer and Illustrator.
Explore more: transparency.org
Awards & Animation Festivals: Beyond Earth Fim Festival, 17Films, TAF Thessaloniki Animation Festival, FLICKFAIR, Linoleum Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, Africa Film For Impact Festival, 13th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Fest 2020, Supertoon.
Toby Mory - Motion Director & Team Lead Motion, Producer
Transparency International - Copywriter
Leo Rey - Creative Director, Lead Motion Designer and Illustrator
Karolin Nusa - Illustrator 
Kika Klat - Illustrator 
Bianca Toloi - Motion Designer
Kaho Yoshida - Motion Designer
Nikolaus Radeke - Music & Sound designer
Francesca La Vigna - Project Manager
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